the works of Petra Zanki
Vierfüßer (2011.)

Duration: 45’

We associate the upright walk with the human body. When the axis of the  body is tilted in a 90 degree angle and the head together with the torso  and the bottom shifts into the horizontal, another body appears: That of  the animal, the female dancer, the beggar…



Concept, choreography and performance: Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller
Light: Petra Zanki/Audio & voice: Britta Wirthmueller/Graphic design: LOFFT
Photo: Douglas Abuelo/Production: LOFFT Theater Leipzig, Banana Gerila 2010.

The performance was previously presented at: LOFFT Leipzig (2010.), ZPC Zagreb (2011.), Tanzquartier Vienna (2011.), Wünder der Praerie Mannheim (2011.), ZPC Zagreb (2012.) & HZT Berlin (2012.).

VIDEO BA Lecture 08.05.2012: Zanki / Wirthmüller