the works of Petra Zanki
Pleasant Place

Pleasant Place

choreographed and directed by Petra Zanki

Music: Benoît Pioulard

Dance: Lorraine Lau, Jaclyn Mason, Tyisha Nedd

Photography: Rosetta Greek


Curator’s note by Tonya Lockyer

(from Wikipedia): “The pleasant place, ( amoenus),  refers to an ideal place of safety and comfort. It is usually a sumptuous woodland or a field, sometimes with connotations of Eden or Elysium. The split-off obverse of it is the apparently delectable but in fact treacherous garden. Each pleasant place has three basic elements: trees, grass, and water. Often, the garden will be in a remote place and function as a landscape of the mind. It can also be a place of refuge from the processes of time and mortality.”

Inspired by Washington’s green, Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, death and rebirth, origins, movement in plants, and society of objects, set in Pacific North West, this work looks for spaces where life and death intersect, and by the means of art reaches to archetypal locus amoenus. The entire performance is planned to last 60 mins. in total. Each part of the performance will last one third of the show, to be developed in a full evening length show, with 3-5 dancers in total. Each part is in the duration of 20 mins.: PART I. Objects of Memory  (20 mins.)  // PART II. No place  (20 mins.) // PART III. Green / (20. mins)