the works of Petra Zanki
Ephemerals (2013.)

Duration: 40’

Ephemerals is a choreography for five dancing elements, body, image, sound, light and words, that overlap, precede and follow one another. Weaving the kaleidoscopic world made of childhood memories, sensations and impressions, they take the spectator on a long journey within.

REVIEW_Allowing for perception

REVIEW_Tender concentration and noisy resistance

Choreography, text & video: Petra Zanki / music: Adam Semijalac / light concept: Petra Zanki / light design: Hanne Dick, Marino Frankola, Duško Richtermoc / technical support: Marino Frankola/ costume design: Juliette Bogers / video editing: Nives Sertić / graphic design: Damir Gamulin / photography: Damir Žižić / translations: Marina Miladinov / administration: Višnja Neufeld Fosin /production and organization: Banana Gerila, 2013.
co-production: HIPP-TSP, PERFORACIJE festival / residencies and research support: Zagreb Dance Center, Monty-Antwerpen, SPAZIO-ICK Amsterdam, pa-f St.Erme / Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, City Council Zagreb.