the works of Petra Zanki
365 (2016.)

Duration: 45′

“365” – number of days in a year, is a visual poem, a danced suite for voice, body, and light, based on autobiographical collection of notes and poems written from December 25th 2014 to December 27th 2015. “365” is a meditation on love, on what it is and is not, or might be. It speaks of isolation, hope, and longing spaces in hearts with rooms full of light in each of us.


“Petra Zanki’s 365 – A Solo was laced through with small beauties, but you needed to look carefully to see many of them. Most of the time, seeing is believing, but with 365, we aren’t so sure we know what we’ve seen.” Sandra Kurtz (Seattle Dances)

“For me, the piece evoked a mesmerizing combination of dreaming, past and private pain, sadness, longing, mystery and hope all at once.” – (audience member)

” The one way I can describe this piece is if one were could create an art piece with a gigantic black chalk board and the artist drawing images with thousands of strokes of white chalk. I assumed that the piece would have a European sensibility fused with the experience of living in Seattle. I got both, and a lot more.” –  (audience member)

Review Small Beauties in Petra Zanki’s 365 



Choreography, text, visuals: Petra Zanki /Music: Erin Jorgensen /Dancer: Lauren Linder/ Photography: Erica Keeling/Co-presented with Velocity Dance Center /Thank you: On the Boards, New Tomorrow, Studio Current, Kate Shin, Elliat Graney-Saucke.